Player 1: WASD, Spacebar(for attack), C(for using special power), V(for switching btw special powers)

Player 2: Arrow Keys, Comma Button (for attack) L(for using special power), K(for switching btw special powers)


-2 New Mobs
-Player damaged effect (testing)
-Removed redundant areas that are still in development (will be released in future)

In an era disjoint from our timeline, a potent being with huge latent potential has been sealed away. Many centuries later, world chaos broke out and monsters have appeared around the world, at the same time re-awakening the beast sealed from before, in the form of a human - Exterminator: Jim.

You play as Exterminator: Jim as your never-rusting sword clashes with the fangs of the new generation of monsters that have plagued much of the lands around the world. That is not all, as Bounty Hunters are after your head as well. Good luck in the New World.

This game was inspired by the game MapleStory and all pictures belong to Nexon. This game was made solely for entertainment purposes and not for revenue generation of any kind.

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